Home Sick Lyrics Translation In English: is latest Punjabi song sung by Kaka and Sanam Marvi, featuring by Laiba Khan Lodhi. with music of this brand new song is given by Kaka. While Home Sick song lyrics are written by Kaka and video is released by Kaka.


📌 Song Home Sick
🎤 Singer Kaka, Sanam Marvi
✍🏻 Lyrics Kaka
🎶Music Kaka
🏷️Label Kaka

The title of this song is “Home Sick” which means; Homesick means feeling sad or longing for home because you are away from it. It’s a common feeling, especially for people who are traveling, studying abroad, or living away from their families for the first time.

The song expresses a longing to return to Punjab, despite the awareness of problems that exist there. The singer is tired of their current situation and feels a strong pull towards their homeland.

Home Sick Lyrics English Translation – Kaka

Ki Mileya Te Ki Main Gawaya
Kinna Gummeya Te Kinna Bachaya
Sara Karke Hisaab Auna Ae

I wish to evaluate both my gains and losses, as well as what I’ve preserved and sacrificed.
Before I depart, I aim to ensure everything is in equilibrium.

Es Mulak Ton Mera Dil Bhareya
Main Mudke Punjab Auna Ae

I desire to be in Punjab, as my heart has grown tired of this country.

Beshaq Othe Mantriyan Ne Gunde Paale Hoye Ne
Youth Ne Beruzgari De Wich Waqt Vi Gaale Hoye Ne

Despite politicians there hiring thugs to support them, the youth have wasted their time in unemployment,

Beshaq Othe Kudiyan Nu Dhakke Ch Rehna Painda Ae
Beshaq Aithe Zulm Nu Rabb Da Bhana Kehna Painda Ae

Similarly, despite the girls there facing underprivileged and oppressed lives,
and despite everyone accepting oppression as their fate from God, these issues persist in Punjab.

Mainu Pata Nuksan Kaafi Hon’ge
Na Hisse Mere Laabh Auna Ae
Es Mulak Ton Mera Dil Bhareya
Main Mudke Punjab Auna Ae

I understand that returning to Punjab may result in losses rather than gains, but I am determined to go because I am exhausted from living in this country.

Pind De Rahaan Da Haal Puchna
Te Rukhaan Ton Kahan Sun’ni
Mera Rab Ton Bharosa Chahe Utheya
Main Tan Vi Jaake Baani Sun’ni

I am curious to learn about the condition of the roads in my village and to hear stories from the trees.
Despite my loss of faith in God, I am eager to return to Punjab and listen to Gurbaani.

Jaake Satluj Kande Sair Karni,
Main Dekh’ke Chenab Aana Ae
Es Mulak Ton Mera Dil Bhareya
Main Mudke Punjab Auna Ae

I long to walk along the banks of the Sutlej River. Moreover, I wish to behold the scenic Chenab River. My heart has grown weary of this nation, so I yearn to be in Punjab.

Khad Khetan Ch Main Maalki Di Feel Laini Ae
Fasi Nashe Ch Jawani Jaake Keel Laini Ae

I long to feel the sense of ownership over my fields in Punjab by standing amidst them.
I aim to assist in rehabilitating the youth who are addicted through my music.

Mil Sajjan Puraneyan Nu Uchi Hasna
Sab Fateh Kar Leya Ae Main Gaake Dasna

The moment I reunite with my companions there, I will burst into laughter out of sheer joy.
Through my music, I will convey to them that I have accomplished everything.

Ohvi Pehle Pura Kar Rakheya Ae
Main Pehla Ee Pura Kar Rakheya
Jo Maapeyan Nu Khaab Auna Ae
Es Mulak Ton Mera Dil Bhareya
Main Mudke Punjab Auna Ae

I have already achieved all the dreams that my parents have yet to realize. I yearn to go to Punjab as I am tired of living in this particular country.


Home Sick Lyrics English Translation – Kaka

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