Jo Jo Lyrics Meaning In English; The latest Tamil song from the film Aranmanai 4 is sung by Meenakshi Ilayaraja, featuring Sundar.C, Tamannaah, Raashii Khanna, and Yogi Babu. The music for this track is composed by Hiphop Tamizha, with lyrics penned by Ko Sesha. The music video has been directed by Sundar.C.


📌 Song Jo Jo
🎞️Movie Aranmanai 4 (Film)
🎤 Singer Meenakshi Ilayaraja
✍🏻 Lyrics Ko Sesha
🎶Music Hiphop Tamizha
🏷️Label Think Music India

This is a lullaby sung to a child by a parent. The parent is assuring the child that a new and better future awaits them, and that they will be safe and protected. The parent compares the child to various beautiful things, such as a new land, a blooming flower, a flawless gem, and a beacon of hope. The parent also tells the child that they are a gift from God, and that they are loved dearly. The lullaby ends with the parent promising to always be there for the child, even if they are gone.

Jo Jo Lyrics English Translation – Aranmanai 4 | Meenakshi Ilayaraja

Niththam Pidhu Desam Azhaikkave,
Thangame Kannurangu,
A new destiny beckons. Rest now, my dear.

Puththam Pudhu Desam Thazaikkave,
Vairame Kannurangu,
A new love is blossoming. Rest now, my dear.

Kuththam Kuraiyilla Ennurave,
Raththiname Kannurangu,
My flawless one, go to sleep, my precious gem.

Paththamada Payil Ponnazhile,
Badhiramay Kannurangu,
My beacon of hope, sleep without fear.

Jo Jo Jo Maivizhiye,
Oh, my beloveds… My beautiful ones…

Jo Jo Jo Man Mizhiye,
Oh my dears… My beautiful eyes…

Jo Jo Jo Van Mazhaiye,
Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo, Jo Jo Jo,
Oh my dears… My rain cloud…

Andha Aagamantandha Nanboda Neeyum,
You are gifts from the heavens above.

Nan Yarendru Sollum Porvizha Neeyo,
You are the moons that show me who I am.

En Vazhvenum Veril, Van Mazhai Neeyo,
You are the heavenly rains that enrich my roots.

Siru Punnagai Yendhiya, Poonchilai Neeyo,
You are the smile on my face.

Andha Vanai Irukkum Varaiyilemo,
Veliya Nan Iruppen,
I will guard you as long as the vast sky exists above.

Unna Allu Pagalum Kathidave,
Karumariya Mari Nippen,
I will transform into a fiery deity to safeguard you always.

Un Sirippinile Mei Marappene,
Swarname En Swarname,
Your smile captivates me, my precious… Oh, my precious.

Un Kanneerai Dinam Thudaippene,
Sarvvame En Sarvvame,
I’ll dry all your tears, my world… Oh, my world.

Un Uchchithalai Mugandhu, Unakkenave Iruppen,
I’ll be with you always, living only for you.

En Uyiradhu Ponalum, Un Aruginil Nan Kidappen,
I will be by your side even if I’m gone.

Jo Jo Jo Maivizhiye,
Oh my dears… My divine eyes…

Jo Jo Jo Man Mizhiye,
Oh my dears… My beautiful eyes…

Jo Jo Jo Van Mazhaiye,
Oh, my beloveds… My beautiful ones…


Jo Jo Lyrics English Translation – Aranmanai 4 | Meenakshi Ilayaraja

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