Kuch Yaadein Lyrics Meaning In English is the latest Hindi track performed by Suyyash Rai and Munawar, featuring Aneri Vajane and Ankita Kukreti. The music is produced by Siddharth Singh and Suyyash Rai, with lyrics by Suyyash Rai and Munawar. Directed by Director Shabby, the music video is released under VYRLOriginals’s banner.


📌Song Kuch Yaadein
🎤Singer Suyyash Rai, Munawar Faruqui
✍🏻Lyrics Suyyash Rai, Munawar Faruqui
🎶Music Siddharth Singh, Suyyash Rai
🏷️Label VYRLOriginals

The lyrics portray a crushing heartbreak. The speaker wrestles with painful memories, both cherished and tormenting, yearning for a chance to forget and rekindle the love. Completely consumed by their lost love, they find no solace in anything but the hope some memories offer. Blaming each other and filled with regret, the speaker feels utterly alone and trapped in a cycle of grief, with only the ocean of their tears as a testament to their enduring love.

Kuch Yaadein Lyrics English Translation – Suyyash Rai | Munawar

Fir tanhaiyon me ghir raha hoon,
I am getting surrounded by loneliness again.

Mujhe firse dhundhe hai mera kal.
My past is searching for me again.

Yaadoon se bhi lad raha hoon main,
I am also fighting with memories.

Unhi yaadon mein dooba din bhar ek pal,
I remain immersed in these memories every moment of the day.

Kabhi mil sake agar kya mil payenge, Sab hum bhool kar bhool kar.
By forgetting the moments of the past, can we both meet again?

Kuch yaadein hai jo jeene na de,
There are some memories that are not letting me live.

Kuch yaadein hai jo zinda rakhe hame,
There are some memories of you that are giving me hope to stay alive.

Kuch yaadein hai jo jeene na de,
There are some memories that do not let me live.

Kuch yaadein teri zinda rakhe hame.
There are some memories of you that keep me alive.

Sihana khali mujhe yaad teri aa rahi,
My mind has emptied out, only thoughts of you are coming to me.

Bhookh maar chuki hai fikr teri khaa rahi,
Now I don’t feel hunger at all; I keep thinking about you all the time.

Tere bina khud ko dekh bhi nahi sakta,
Without you, I can’t even imagine myself.

Ghar ke aahinon pe bas dhool jamti ja rahi hai .
Only dust is accumulating on the sighs of the home.

Jab uthe hath mere toh bas duaon mein,
Now I only raise my hands when I pray for you.

Le ke andhere tujhe de raha subahon mein,
Taking you with darkness, I am giving you in the mornings,

Is ke alava dene ko kya hi bacha hai,
Apart from this, what else is left for me to give you?

Agar ye aashiqui jua to kitni bar luta hu main.
If love is a gamble, then I have lost many times in this game.

Jalaye sardion barsaat mein wo baat nahi hai,
In winter, I am burning, those pleasures are no longer there in the rain.

Sab kuch hai paas mere sath tera sath nahi hai,
I have everything, only you are in front of me…

Rakhe aaya tha main phool dahleez pe,
I came to your doorstep with flowers.

Badal liya thikna tune khair koi baat nahi hai.
But you changed your location, Anyway, leave it.

Na jaane kaisa yeh sajdon mein shor hai,
I don’t know what noise is in these prostrations.

Tere baad mehfil-e-khamosh hai,
After you, the gathering is silent.

Hum donon hubahu ek jaise hai,
We both are exactly alike.

Main kehta uska wo kehti mera dosh hai.
I say the fault is theirs, and she says the fault is mine.

Aa ke dekh teri yaad ne kya kar diya hai,
Come and see what all I have done in your memory.

Yahan aa ke dekh samndar is mein bhar liya hai,
I have filled the ocean with my tears, crying incessantly.

Taras ata nahi haal par khud ke,
My condition has become like this, yet there is no sympathy for my situation.

Main ne khud ke khilaaf khud ko kar liya hai.
I have turned against myself.

Kuch yaadein hai jo jeene na de,
some of your memories don’t let me live.

Kuch yaadein teri zinda rakhe hame.
There are some memories of you that keep me alive.


Kuch Yaadein Lyrics English Translation – Suyyash Rai | Munawar

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