Malabari Banger Lyrics Meaning In English by Dabzee ft. Joker, SA is a brand new Malayalam Rap song sung by Dabzee, Joker, SA, and the music of this latest song is given by MHR. Malabari Banger song lyrics are also penned down by JOKER, SA, and Dabzee and the music video has been released by Manushyar.


📌Song Malabari Banger
🎤Singer Dabzee, Joker, Sa
✍🏻Lyrics Dabzee, Joker
🎶Music MHR
🏷️Label Manushyar

The lyrics of “Malabari Banger” are a testament to the creative genius of its writers, Joker, Sa, and Dabzee. The song exudes youthful energy and confidence, reflecting the spirit of the Gen-Z generation. With lines like “Boy, you’re a bang Malabari gang,” the song exudes swagger and attitude that resonate with today’s youth.

You can’t help but groove to the upbeat and catchy tune that MHR’s music creates because it perfectly complements the lyrics. It’s a testament to the fusion of traditional and contemporary music styles, making it appealing to many listeners.

Malabari Banger Lyrics English Translation – Dabzee | Joker

Boy You’re A Bang Malabari Gang
MHR Kittipoyi Kambum Chullim Banam
Vettikooti Kathichitt 5um 10um Mangum
Then I Gotta Begin Boy Kannum Potti Padum

The verse discusses confidence and pride, highlighting belonging to a specific group with the phrase “Malabari gang.” It goes on to mention gaining ‘MHR,’ strength, and prowess. Overall, the verse exudes swagger, portraying someone respected and confident within their community.

This Is That Brown Color Trip Mappila Drip
Right From The Top Boy Thathalley Ijj
Why’s That Chain On Your Neck Boy, Khafirra Jjj
Just In Case When U Hit Bov Kattilley Ijj

The second verse explores a distinctive style represented by “brown color trip” and “Maappila drip,” indicating a fashionable aesthetic. The reference to a “chain on your neck” suggests wealth or status, reinforcing the theme of material success. The line “Just in case when you hit, boy” emphasizes readiness and contributes to the portrayal of strength evident throughout the song.

Oojjoru Pavam Ante Cheyth Okke Pavam
Ante Chattam Kanda Thinnath Okke
Deychum Pinnem Paychum, Kore Veychum Pinnem Paychum
Inim Veykum Pinnem Naychum Inim

This verse reflects resilience, conveying determination to overcome challenges and rise above adversity. It repeats phrases such as “Ever really wanted to get above us” and “You’re lacking it all,” emphasizing a defiant attitude. Overall, the verse underscores the theme of resilience in the face of obstacles.

I Really Got The Energy To Put The Stage Upside Down
When I’m Standing On It
Mud Attached To Me But Scrubbing On It
A Lot Of You Not Familiar, Like To Know Us
Wanna Play It On Our Level It’s Impossible
Ever Really Wanted To Get Above Us

I’m Acting Like
Maybe You’re Lacking It All Even A Rat In A Lab Had A Purpose
You Bladder A Lot And A Lot More That’s All
Now Move Cause If You Stop We Can….
Ooi! Ooi! Ooi! Ooi!

Boy, You Obey You’re Spoiled From Day One
Your Voice Is Annoying Your Boys They All Same
Your Songs They All Lame If You Stop We Can Play

Sa Kanakkinu Kanan Kitti MHR Il Padan Patti
Pattum Beythum Koode Kootti, Njanum Vangi Arikayaki
Suggund Aymoru Seriyum Kootti, Nadottam Nan Vari Kootti
Othiri Kanavadh Nedi Kootti, Athar Manathil Thendikootti

I watched ‘SA’ closely. I sang in ‘MHR’ and fused the song with the beat.
Afterward, I bought it and transformed it into a masterpiece.
To enrich its taste, I sprinkled in a pinch of sugar.
I gathered it from all corners of the country and amassed numerous dreams.
Lastly, I infused it with a hint of perfume.

Kathana Kanavathu Marathittu, Ithiri Podhinjitt Thayekkitt
Othiri Kibir Adhil Oodhiyittitt Pedanjoree
Othiri Nilamadh Thangikootti
Pathiri Podhinjitt Njanum Thatti,
Makkana Manathil Thalam Thetti Parannoree

I changed my recurring nightmare, neatly packaged and disposed of it.
I infused it with excessive pride, which ended up causing problems.
I amassed a lot of wealth. I wrapped it in bread and consumed it.
I left abruptly amid the fragrance of Mecca.

Arikalle Nerakkalle Chelakkalle Chulikkalle
Chorinjitt Choykkalle Cherinjitt Cheeyalle
Madamada Medayana Madiyavarayoru Puthiyavarayavaree

Please refrain from shouting or pushing others.
Avoid reckless spending and frowning.
Do not expect others to do your bidding or lean on them while complaining.
This message is for those who are new or different and feeling unmotivated.

Boy You’re A Bang Malabari Gang
MHR Kittipoyi Kambum Chullim Banam
Vettikooti Kathichitt 5um 10um Mangum
Then I Gotta Begin Boy Kannum Potti Padum

‘”MHR’ has the fire and intensity. They chopped it up and ignited it.
They got five and ten mangoes. Then they start singing with their eyes closed.”

This Is That Brown Color Trip Mappila Drip
Right From The Top Boy Thathalley Jjj
Why’s That Chain On Your Neck Boy, Khafirra Iji
Just In Case When U Hit Boy Kattilley Ijj

This is about a journey into brown colors and a coffee style known as Maappila drip.
Someone questions why another person wears a chain around their neck,
and the response is it’s for protection in case of confrontation.


Malabari Banger Lyrics English Translation – Dabzee | Joker

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