Devaragam 2.0 Ya Ya Yadava Lyrics Meaning In English from the movie “Premalu” is the latest Malayalam song performed by K. S. Chithra and P. Unnikrishnan and starring Naslen, Mamitha Baiju. The music for the song is composed by Mm Keeravani, and the lyrics are penned by Md Rajendran. The music video is directed by Girish A D.


📌 Song Devaragam 2.0 Ya Ya Yadava
🎞️Movie Premalu
🎤 Singer K. S. Chithra, P. Unnikrishnan
✍🏻 Lyrics Md Rajendran
🎶Music Mm Keeravani
🏷️Label Sony Music South

This song is a beautiful expression of love and devotion from Radha to Krishna. The lyrics describe Radha’s intimate knowledge of Krishna, from his charming expressions to the magic of his flute music. She longs to be with him, to dance with him, and to sing with him in harmony. The song is full of imagery and metaphor, creating a vivid picture of Radha’s love for Krishna.

Devaragam 2.0 Ya Ya Yadava Lyrics English (Meaning) – Premalu

Ya ya yaa yadavaa enikkariyam
Oh Krishna, my dearest, I know you…

Ya ya yaa yadu mugha bhaavangalariyaam
Every charming expression, I recognize.

Peelikkannin nottavum kusrithiyum
Your piercing glances The mischief dancing in your eyes.

Kolakkuzhal pattile jaalavum kannaa kannaa
The magic of your flute’s melody, Oh Krishna, my love; Oh Krishna, my love…

Swayam vara madhumaya mridula hridayaa
The dearest one, my heart longs to wed; The tranquil and tender-hearted soul.

I know all your tales…

Oh.. radhike ee sangamam
Oh, Radhika, my love… Our sweet rendezvous

Vanavalli kudil kandu kothiyode
Wild creepers gazed us in admiration…

Athu mullappoovayi neele neele virinju
As the jasmines bloomed in full glory.

Ee vakkukal then thullikal
Your sweet words Like honey droplets.

Neela thinkal bimbam thookum amrithayi
Became the elixir in the moon’s blue radiance.

Indra neela raaga cheppukalil niranju
Tinting melodic sapphire chests with love…

Yadukula kamboji muraliyil ootham njaan
Romantic notes of Kamboji, Let me play in my flute for you…

Yamunayil olam pol sirakalil aadam njaan
Like Yamuna’s waves’ ballet, Let me dance in your veins…

Surabhila raagam thaanam neeyum njaanum
Paadum neram swargeeyam
As you and I, in oneness sublime, Melt in the fragrance of harmonic chime.
The world turns heaven, a moment so prime…

Swayam vara madhumaya mridula hridayaa
Oh, the one, my heart longs to wed, The tranquil and tender-hearted soul…

I know all your tales…


Devaragam 2.0 Ya Ya Yadava Lyrics English (Meaning) – Premalu

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