Husn Lyrics Meaning In English: The song is sung by Anuv Jain, and has music by Angad Bahra and PUNA while Anuv Jain has written the Husn Lyrics. The music video of the Husn song is directed by Pankhuri Ranjan, and it features Tejas Ravishankar and Vidushi Kaul.


📌 Song Husn
🎤 Singer Anuv Jain
✍🏻 Lyrics Anuv Jain
🎶Music Angad Bahra, PUNA
🏷️Label Anuv Jain

The song “Husn” is a Hindi song by Anuv Jain. The song is about a one-sided love, where the singer is deeply in love with someone who does not reciprocate their feelings. The lyrics are full of longing and despair, as the singer expresses their pain and frustration at being unable to be with the person they love.

The song is a powerful and moving exploration of the human condition. It is a reminder that we are all capable of experiencing great love, even if it is not always returned. It is also a reminder that we are all capable of overcoming heartbreak and finding happiness in our own lives.

Husn Lyrics English Translation – Anuv Jain

Dekho Dekho Kaisi Baatein Yahan Ki
Look, look, What kind of things are here?

Hain Saath Par Hain Saath Na Bhi Kya Itni Aasaan Hain?
They are with me while not being with me, Is it that easy?

Dekho Dekho Jaise Mere Iraaday Waise Kahaan Tere Yahan The
Your intentions are not the same as mine.

Haan Kitni Naadan Main
Yeah, how naive I am.

Mere Husn Ke Ilawa Kabhi Dil Bhi Maang Lo Na
Other than my beauty, sometimes ask for my heart as well.

Haye Pal Mein Main Pighal Jaun Haan
Oh, I’ll melt away in a moment, yeah

Ab Aisa Na Karo Ke Dil Judna Paye Wapis
Now, don’t do anything bad with my heart, otherwise, it will never recover from that sorrow.

Teri Baaton Se Bikhar Jaun Haan
Your words make me fall apart, yeah

Mana Zamana Hai Deewana
I believe that the whole world praises your beauty and is crazy about you.

Isilye Tune Na Jana Tere Liye Main Kaafi Hoon
Perhaps that’s why you felt I wasn’t enough for you.

Dekho Dekho Yeh Zamane Se Thak Kar
Look, look, tired of this world

Aate Ho Kyun Masoom Ban Kar?
Why do you come here pretending to be innocent?

Tere Liye Main Kya Hi Hoon?
What even am I to you?

Phir Aatey Kyun Yahan Karne Aankhon Mein Ho Baarish?
Then why do you come here wanting to make me cry?

Ab Aye Toh Theher Jao Na
If you have come, then please stay…

Aur Poocho Na Zara Mere Din Ke Bare Mein Bhi
And please ask how my condition is these days.

Bas Itne Mein Sambhal Jaun Haan
If you do just this for me, my heart will be at peace.

Haan Ek Din Kabhi Koi Jab Bhi Padhe Kahani Teri
Someday, whenever someone reads your story

Lagta Mujhe Mere Naam Ka Zikr Kahin Bhi Hoga Nahin
I feel like there won’t be any mention of me in that story anywhere.

Haan Main Yahin Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein, Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho
Yes, I am right near you, just look into my eyes.

Dekho Yeh Dil Ka Haal Kya, Hothon Se Hota Na Bayan
Look at the state of my heart, which I cannot even express with my lips.

Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein, Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho
Look into my eyes just once

Kaisa Naseeb Hai Mera Milke Bhi Na Mujhe Mila
What kind of destiny is this of mine, that even after finding you I cannot find you?

Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho
Look me in the eyes.

Teri Adhuri Si Wafa Maangu Main Maangu Aur Na
Your incomplete loyalty Is all I ask for, I won’t ask for anything else

Meri Yeh Aankhon Mein Aankhon Mein Toh Dekho
Look me in the eyes.

Dekho Dekho Kaisi Kheenchi Lakeerein, Chahe Bhi Dil Toh Bhi Na Jeete
Look, look, what kind of fate we have, Still can’t have you despite wanting you

Main Iss Daud Mein Nahin
I’m not even part of this race.

Dekho Dekho Kaisi Baatein Yahan Ki, Baatein Yahi Dekhoon Jahan Bhi
Look what kind of things are happening here, I hear the same things wherever I go.

Main Is Daur Se Nahin
I don’t even belong here.


Husn Lyrics English Translation – Anuv Jain | Dekho Dekho Jaise Mere Irade

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