Jaat Lyrics Meaning In English by Sumit Parta is a brand new Haryanvi song sung by Sumit Parta and the music of this latest song is given by Fakeer Music. Jaat’s song lyrics are penned down by Sumit Parta while the music video has been directed by Rajesh Bhadu.


📌 Song Jaat
🎤 Singer Sumit Parta
✍🏻 Lyrics Sumit Parta
🎶Music Fakeer Music
🏷️Label Sumit Parta

The song “Jaat” boasts about a wealthy Jat man’s lifestyle and the admiration he commands. The lyrics portray him as confident, attracting attention from girls and riding in expensive cars. He takes pride in his Jat heritage, highlighting the hard work of Jat farmers and landlords. The song claims Jats are destined for success, with their dominance even influencing places like America. It emphasizes their flamboyant style and the influence they hold, even being called upon from faraway cities. The overall tone is one of self-assuredness and celebration of Jat culture.

Jaat Lyrics English Translation – Sumit Parta

Mene Suni Hai Pehla Bhi Tu Aankh Ladaye Baithi Chori
I heard that you had your eyes set on someone else earlier too,

Ib Nishana Mere Pe Tu Aankh Gadaye Baithi Chori
But now you are keeping your eyes on me, girl.

Mhare Pache Ladke Pariyan Paankh Padaye Baithi Chori
Listen, girl, there is a fight among the girls over me.

Yaad Mein Hoja Boli Chori Kilki Maregi Tu Raata Ne
At night, you’ll laugh as you recall my words.

Duniya Fan Banegi Yo Vardaan Mileya Hai Jaata Ne
I (Jat) have been blessed that the entire world will become my fan.

Mehngi Si Caran Mein Raji Rahve Yaara Mein
My friend and I drive around in expensive cars.

Khet Mein Kaam Kre Se Khof Sarkara Mein
Even the government is intimidated by the farmers who work in the fields.

Jaat Jamidara Ki Ya Hath Ki Kare Kamayi
Jat landlords earn money by working hard with their hands.

Bahar Kite Jana Ho To Banke Likde Jamayi
If I have to go out, I’m dressed like a dandy.

Pada Tha Dil Delhi Ka Bhulgi Ke Un Baata Ne
I had read somewhere that Delhi belongs to people with big hearts, but now I don’t believe these things anymore.

Duniya Fan Banegi Yo Vardaan Mileya Hai Jaata Ne
The world will become my fan; this is a blessing bestowed upon a Jat.

Ki Gudgama Ke Amrecia Jaata Ka Chale S Sikka
The dominance of the Jat is such that it will make America shudder.

Gol Chokka Ka Shehar Tera Jaat Na Aaye Padja Fikka
Don’t let your city, Gol Chokka, lose its vibrancy without a Jat.

Gaam Ke Balak Gaadi Kali, Ronak Lare Dekh Mohali
The village boy is sitting in a black car, and their splendor shines throughout the entire Mohali city.

Choudhary Sahab Maar Jao Geda Message Bheje Bombay Aali
When Mr. Chaudhary dies, the message is sent to Bombay.

Mane Bulave Chambo Chali Mane Bulave Bombay Aali
She beckons me, leading me to both Chambo and Bombay.

Private Jet Me Baitha Jaat Re Duniya Khadi Halve Haatha Ne
The Jat sits in a private jet, and the world watches in awe.

Duniya Fan Banegi Yo Vardaan Mileya Hai Jaata Ne
I (Jat) have been blessed that the entire world will become my fan.


Jaat Lyrics English Translation – Sumit Parta

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