Khaali Botal Lyrics Meaning In English; is a fresh Hindi track sung by Parampara Tandon, featuring Abhishek Kumar, Ayesha Khan, and Manpreet Dolly. The music is composed by Manan Bhardwaj, who also penned the lyrics. The music video is directed by Manish Shunty and released under the T-Series banner.


📌 Song Khaali Botal
🎤 Singer Parampara Tandon
✍🏻 Lyrics Manan Bhardwaj
🎶Music Manan Bhardwaj
🏷️Label T-Series

The title of this song is “Khaali Botal“: which means “empty wine bottle

This is a sad song sung by Parampara Tandon, you will feel emotional after listening to the lyrics and the singer’s voice of this song, In this song, it is shown that a girl is deeply in love with a boy, and the girl gets trapped in the boy’s innocent face and false promises, then the girl falls in true love with the boy and does everything as per the boy’s request. then the boy betrays the girl and marries another girl, the girl then says through the song that just as you have ruined my life, your life will also be ruined in the same way.

Khaali Botal Lyrics Translation (English) – Parampara Tandon

Sajna ve sajna ve
Oh my beloved, Oh my love…

Mujhe dede beshak maut par Tu itna yaad rakh
Even if you give me death, remember one thing for sure.

Jitni tadpegi rooh meri Tu utna royega
As much as my soul will agonize, you will cry that much.

Jiske liye toone tod diya Dil mera oye kajra
The one for whom you have broken my heart, oh cruel one.

Jaise khoya maine tujhko Tu bhi usko khoyega
Just as I lost you, you will also lose that person.

Itna bada sharaabi tu Mere aansu peeta hai
You are such a big alcoholic, you drink my tears.

Itna khaara pee pee kar Tu aise kaise jeeta hai
How do you live remain like this even after drinking so much salt?

Khaali botal hoon sharaab ki Ab maana main sajna
I am now an empty bottle of alcohol, I have accepted this fact, my beloved.

Par fikar na kar tu aaj bina Piye nai soyega
But don’t worry, you won’t sleep without drinking today.

Main tangg aa chuki hoon tere Sab meethe meethe vaadon se
I am tired of your sweet promises.

Main tangg aa chuki hoon tere Sab meethe meethe vaadon se
You are not fulfilling the promises you made to me, which is why I am feeling exhausted.

Teri bholi bhaali soorat ke Peechhe chhupe iraadon se
I get nervous thinking about the intentions behind your innocent face.

Itna bada juari toone Kaise mujhko jeeta hai
You are such a big gambler, yet how did you manage to win me over?

Ishq ke patton ka yeh hunar Tuune kahan se seekha hai
Where did you learn to betray in love?

Jeet gaya tu jeet gaya Main haar gayi sajna
You won, you won, I lost, beloved.

Par fikar na kar is juyein mein Tu bhi sab khoyega
Don’t worry, one day you too will lose everything in this gamble of love.

Haan jeehuzuri kar kar teri Kitni raatein kaati hain
I have spent many nights saying yes to your words,

Gham saare rakhe mere Aur saari khushiyan baanti hain
I have hidden all my sorrows and shared all my happiness with you.

Aur bata de ab mujhko Kitna aur todega
And tell me now, how much more will you break me?

Khel mein lekin oye kanjre Sunn sabki baari aati hai
Oh cruel one, remember this, everyone gets their turn in the game.

Toone jitna mujhe rulaya hai Maine khuda ko sab bataya hai
As much as you have made me cry, I have told everything to God.

Ab dekh tamasha kya hoga Mera khuda laut ke aaya hi
Now see what spectacle unfolds, my God has returned.

Main haar kar bhi jeetungi Yeh mera tujhse vaada hai
Even though I have currently lost, I will show you victory. This is my promise.

Dekh tol kar nafrat apni Pyaar mera kahin zyada hai
I have weighed my hatred and love, and my love is much greater.

Tu khush hai meri maut se Yeh maalum hai sajna
I know you are happy with my death, my beloved.

Par fikar na kar tu jeete jee Bhi har pal royega
But don’t worry, even while you’re alive, you will cry every moment.

Sajna sajna ve, Sajna sajna ve…
Oh my beloved, Oh my love…


Khaali Botal Lyrics Translation (English) – Parampara Tandon

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