Mutiyaar Lyrics Meaning In English by Gur Sidhu, Jasmeen Akhtar is newly released Punjabi song in their voices, Gur Sidhu has made its tune. Latest Mutiyaar song lyrics are written by Kaptaan. Its music video is released by Brown Town Music.


📌Song Mutiyaar
🎤Singer Gur Sidhu, Jasmeen Akhtar
✍🏻Lyrics Kaptaan
🎶Music Gur Sidhu
🏷️Label Brown Town Music

The lyrics to “Mutiyaar” are a playful and exaggerated attempt by the singer to woo the girl. He boasts about his qualities, both positive and negative, to show her his interest and dedication.

Mutiyaar Lyrics English (Meaning) – Gur Sidhu

Main Bambi Utte Kadi Ve Sharab Wargi,
I am like the alcohol brewed in a household’s still.

Nakhre Ch Ghoor Vaddde Sab Wargi,
I have been very angry since childhood.

Ik Sohni Utton Sohne Suit Pauni Aan,
As a cute girl, I have a fondness for beautiful Punjabi suits.

Gach Ho Gayi Tere Ch Gulab Wargi,
As a beautiful girl, like a rose, feelings for you have developed in my heart.

Ajj Kal Disdae Kamad Jatteya, Tu Mainu Surme Di Dhar Kole Ve,
Recently, it appears that you’re encountering difficulty in making progress.

Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Mutiyar Kole Ve,
These are the sole tasks remaining for me.

Ho Tere Nal Bhid Gayi Khanjuri Akh Ni,
My dear girl, I bravely met you with your gaze.

Shaunkan Utte Udaun Lagga Lakh Lakh Ni,
I have dedicated a significant sum of money to my hobbies.

Kurte Pajameya Layi Paka Darji,
Gabru Vi Leader-an De Nalo Ghat Ni,
I have a talented tailor who specializes in crafting kurtas and pajamas, ensuring that I resemble distinguished personalities.

Bhootni Bhulayi Jihde Na Mandeer Di,
Eda Lamkaya Hoya Lak Kole Ni,
I have only a few tasks left to complete, and I carry something on my waist that people fear,

Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Bas Jatt Kole Ni,
These remaining duties stand as the final obligations entrusted to me, the Jat, to see through to completion.

Ve Hind Meri Niyaneyan Di Hind Wargi,
I am stubborn in the same way that children are stubborn.

Sohni Aa Rakan Tere Pind Wargi,
I possess the beauty akin to your village.

Tere Nal Khand Da Patasa Ban Jaye,
I am as delightful to you as sugar.

Bakiyan Layi Nakhro Bhrind Wargi,
To others, I can be as fearsome as an angry bee.

Ve Ohi Mar Nakhro De Nakhre Ch Ae,
Jo Kanpur Wale Hathiyar Kole Ve,
My outbursts hold the same potency as the weapons from Kanpur.

Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Mutiyar Kole Ve,
These are the only tasks left for me.

Ni Jidin Di Gol Mol Tu Patt Layi,
Gol Chowk Wangu Mush Gol Rakh Li,
Ever since we fell in love, I’ve maintained my mustache in a circular shape, like a roundabout.

Tere Bina Kise Nu Na Seen Kardi,
Karke Aa Akh Control Rakh Li,
In your absence, I wouldn’t spare a glance for anyone else. I ensure my eyes remain focused.

Kaptan Kaptan Tere Gutt Vaste,
Kangni Banai Phire Satt Tole Di,
I fashioned a bracelet using 70 grams of gold for you to wear around your wrist.

Aahi Kam Reh Gaye Bas Jatt Kole Ni,
These are the final obligations that remain for me, the Jat, to fulfill.


Mutiyaar Lyrics English (Meaning) – Gur Sidhu

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