Soul Of Varisu Lyrics Meaning In English | Aarariraro Ketkuthamma: is the latest Tamil song from the movie “Varisu” and the fabulous voice of K.S. Chithra featuring Thalapathy Vijay with the music of this brand new song is given by Thaman S while Thalapathy Vijay’s song “Soul Of Varisu” lyrics are written by Vivek. The music video directed by Vamshi Paidipally.


📌Song Soul Of Varisu
🎞️Album/Movie Varisu (Movie)
🎤Singer K.S. Chithra
✍🏻Lyrics Vivek
🎶Music Thaman S
🏷️Label T-Series

This song is about a mother’s reunion with her son after a long separation. Overjoyed, she remembers his childhood and sings him a comforting lullaby. She cherishes his return, compares his heartbeat to a melody, and feels her heart soar. She’s grateful to have a part of her life back, filled with newfound joy and a sense of completeness. Wondering if this happiness can last forever, she soaks in every moment, her heart overflowing with love.

Soul of Varisu Lyrics English (Meaning) – Varisu | Aarariraro Ketkuthamma

Aarariro Kekuthamma Nerinil Vanthathu En Nijama
My ears can hear a lullaby, and it is so sweet. Has my truth really come to see me?

Nan Konda Kayangal Poguthamma, Nadiyum Mellisai Agudhamma
In my heart, meaningless scars now fade away. The beat of my body also plays a rhythmic tune.

Pillai Vasathil Asaigal Thoranam Soodudhamma
The scent of my son takes me to the door. I am welcomed with arches and garlands.

Nenjam Anandha Megathil Oonjalum Adudhamma
My heart is swaying to a great tune.

En Uyiril Irundhu Pirindha Pagudhi Inge
A part of me that I had lost has finally returned to my arms.

Nan Izhandha Sirippum Idhaya Thudippum Inge Meendum Inge
The beats of my soul and heart, which were once forgotten, are now aligned with a piece of heaven.

Indha Nodi Neram Ennuyiril Eeram
In this moment, at this time, my soul is drenched in supreme compassion.

Kannedhiril Kalam Nindruviduma
Will time come to a complete standstill right in front of me?

En Idhazhin Oram Punnagaiyin Kolam
A gentle smile brightens with delight at the corner of my lips.

Indha Varam Yavum Thangividuma
Will this blessing so dear live a lifetime here?

Pal Mugam Kanave Nan Thavithen, Indru Nee Vara Kettudha Aaro
Now that you have come back home, my dear, I can hear that comforting lullaby in my heart.

Kal Thadam Veezhave Nan Thudithen, Unnai Thai Madi Yendhudhe Thalo
Here, I was eagerly awaiting to hear the sound of your footsteps.


Soul of Varisu Lyrics English (Meaning) – Varisu | Aarariraro Ketkuthamma

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