Sukoon Lyrics Meaning In English is a popular Punjabi song, featuring the soulful voice of Rajvir Jawanda. The music was produced by G Guri, with lyrics written by Singhjeet. The music video, directed by JSMG Digital, has been released by Rajvir Jawanda.



📌Song Sukoon
🎤Singer Rajvir Jawanda
✍🏻Lyrics Singhjeet
🎶Music G Guri
🏷️Label Rajvir Jawanda

This love song overflows with devotion. The singer sees their partner as their soulmate, the most beautiful thing in the world, and the source of their happiness. They credit their partner for bringing color and joy to their life and are willing to defy any social norms to be together. Unafraid to express their deep love, they believe their connection is divinely ordained and long for a close conversation with their beloved.

Sukoon Lyrics English (Meaning) – Rajvir Jawanda

Oh meri rooh de parauneya, ve kull dunia ton sohneya
Oh my life companion, you are more beautiful than the entire world.

Haye jinne kehnde angrezi vich moon rakh devan,
What do you call ‘moon’ in English?

Mera dil kare tera naa sukoon rakh devan
My heart desires to name your relaxation.

Har marz di har dard di tera haasa ae dva,
Your smile is the medicine for all my troubles or pains.

Meri zindagi nu ve tu laggeyan ae koi bann ke dua
You have become a prayer for my life.

Asi pehlan si berang sanu tuhiyon chaarhe rang,
We were first colorless, you gave us color.

Jaani khushiyan de baagh ch umar rahi aa langh,
Now, my life will blossom in the garden of happiness and joy.

Oh tera sirron kiven laa ke main junoon rakh devan
How can I rid myself of the passion I feel for you?

Mera dil kare tera naa sukoon rakh devan
My heart desires to name your relaxation.

Main teri haan keh ke tera naa lai ke dil dhadke mera,
My heart beats faster when I tell myself that I belong to you and call out your name.

Ve kol ruk tan sahi haal puch tan sahi hath farh ke mera,
Stop by me once, hold my hand, and ask how I am.

Koi pasand na-pasand meri tere ton ni utte,
My likes and dislikes are not above you,

Ve tu oh phull jehra khirhda ae har rutte
You are the flower that blooms in every season.

Main parey tere layi jahan de kanoon rakh devan
For you, I can ignore any law that is out there.

Mera dil kare tera naa sukoon rakh devan
My heart desires to name you relaxation

Si main aam jahi kudi khaas hoyi meharbaani aa teri,
I was an ordinary girl, and I became special because of you.

Ve na sang lagge na koi darr mainu ke diwani aa teri
I feel no shame or fear in loving you.

Tere naal mulakaatan rabb wallon likh hoyian
God himself has written the dates of our meetings.

Eni kithe si ke milu Singh Jeet Chankoyian,
oh, Singh Jeet of Chankoyian village, I did not have the status or the means of meeting you.

Aah gallan gall lag kar paase phone rakh devan
Say these things to me in my arms, I’ll put my phone away.

Mera dil kare tera naa sukoon rakh devan
My heart wants to say comfort to you.


Sukoon Lyrics English (Meaning) – Rajvir Jawanda

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