Alankaara Puthukkangal” Lyrics Meaning In English: Presenting the lyrics of the song Alankaara Puthukkangal from the Malayalam movie “Sulaikha Manzil” (2023). The song is sung by Varsha Renjith, and Vishnu Vijay, Music composed by Vishnu Vijay, and Lyrics are penned by Dr. Shamsadh Hussain.



📌 Song Alankaara Puthukkangal
🎞️Movie Sulaikha Manzil
🎤 Singer Varsha Renjith, Vishnu Vijay
✍🏻 Lyrics Dr. Shamsadh Hussain
🎶Music Vishnu Vijay
🏷️Label Think Music India

The Lyrics describe a bride’s breathtaking entrance into the wedding hall. Her beauty surpasses the opulent decorations, likened to an “ocean’s serene tide” flowing in her elegant attire. Despite her regal presence, a nervous flutter stirs within her heart, creating a melody that transforms the wedding into a magical fairytale.

Alankaara Puthukkangal Lyrics Translation (English) – Sulaikha Manzil

Alangarapputhukal athishtyam pora,
As Sulaikha’s daughter, regal and poised, Entered the wedding hall

Athishtyam pora…
As she entered the wedding hall

Arasheeyam sulaihkabinthannaintha mare
The decorations paled before her beauty

Anaintha mare…
Paled before her beauty

Parishuddha thukil njori baharalapol
Like an ocean’s serene tide, She swayed in, draped in ravishing attire

As love blossomed

Pootha khallabil pedapedappum…
Flutters stirred within her heart

Khallabil pedapedappum…
Flutters stirred within her heart

Athinal athishtyangal
Her beauty infused the wedding decor With grace

Thudithalanngal onnayi
Her heart’s fluttering Created a melody divine

Vilichettum kallyanamay…
Turned the wedding Into a fairytale sublime

Kallyanamay… Kallyanamay…
A fairytale sublime..


Alankaara Puthukkangal Lyrics Translation (English) – Sulaikha Manzil

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