Jazbaati Hai Dil Lyrics Meaning In English: The song is sung by Armaan Malik and Ananya Birla, and has music by Lost Stories while Kunaal Vermaa has written the Jazbaati Hai Dil Lyrics. The music video of the Jazbaati Hai Dil song is directed by Shirsha Guha Thakurta, and it features Vidya Balan, Pratik Gandhi, Ileana D’cruz, and Sendhil Ramamurthy.


📌Song Jazbaati Hai Dil
🎞️ Movie Do Aur Do Pyaar
🎤Singer Armaan Malik, Ananya Birla
✍🏻Lyrics Kunaal Vermaa
🎶Music Lost Stories
🏷️Label Panorama Music

The title of the song “Jazbaati Hai Dil” means “a heart that expresses emotions fervently.

The lyrics of this song sung by Armaan Malik and Ananya Birla will touch your heart, the voices of both the singers are very melodious, The song captures the emotional rollercoaster of love and the irrationality of the heart. It highlights the heart’s impulsiveness, stubbornness, and tendency to prioritize emotions over logic.

Jazbaati Hai Dil Lyrics English Translation – Armaan Malik

Kya yeh kahe, kya yeh kare
This heart speaks one thing but acts differently.

Karta hai soche na samjhe bina
Something is done impulsively or without much consideration.

Yeh dil akal ka hai maara
My heart is foolish.

Jaane jahaan, isey mana
Oh, my love, try to persuade my heart.

Ye dheet na maane jaaye wahaan
My heart is quite stubborn; once it decides something, it sticks to it.

Dekho jise dil ka maara
Everyone I see is lovesick.

Na labon se bole na yeh raaz khole
It doesn’t speak in words, nor does it reveal its secrets.

Koi hint hi nahi de kya kare
It’s not dropping any clues. What do we do now?

Karta hai apni hi manmaani
Whatever he does, he does it according to his own will.

Hai pata naadaani, Phir bhi jaan boojh ke galti kare
The heart is innocent, yet it sometimes makes mistakes intentionally.

Jazbaati hai dil
The heart is emotional.

Jazbaati hai dil
The heart is emotional.

Jazbaati hai dil
The heart is emotional.

Sau dafa yeh tootega Jaanta hai doobega
This heart will shatter a hundred times, and it’s destined to sink.

Ishq ke dariyaa mein yeh Phir bhi jaake koodega
Yet, this heart will still plunge into the river of love.

Kaagazi fasaane besure taraane
Paper stories, off-key melodies.

Gaaye dhun ho yaad chaahe na ise
it sings the songs it recalls, it does not care,

Bigdi aulaadon sa mijaazi Koi ho na raazi
temperamental, like spoiled kids, nobody agrees,

Yeh toh baatein poori karke hi rahe
but it will always see things through.

Jazbaati hai dil
The heart is emotional.


Jazbaati Hai Dil Lyrics English Translation – Armaan Malik

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